Ibiyinka Alao

Visions Of Ezekiel

Ca. 1997
27.5" x 32.5"

"I hope you are mistaken regarding my character. I have fallen into a company of hopefuls, it is true; but I have only done as past generations have done; and, above all, I have never had a reason to doubt before, for which I might be afraid. Ezekiel saw the vision of Dry bones and the river of life. You may say that I am inspired too much by these visions and send me to the devil; but be sure of this, I would go to the devil to bring alive the dead bones and bring life to everything on my path."

This is a painting about hope. Inspired by the visions of the prophet Ezekiel about the "River of Life" and "Dry bones shall rise again", I stage spiritual themes on my cultural foundations thereby providing a universal identity. We hope that things do not die, but even if they do, it is not the end of hope as long as there is that river flowing down from the Sanctuary and brings life to everything on its path. A dead situation, dry bones can come back alive by faith. A people, countries, civilizations, children and cultures that are rejected, forgotten and left for dead will come back alive through love, because love is like a river of life that brings life to everything on its path.

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