Ibiyinka Alao

Time Melts

Ca. 1997
24" x 18"

Hi dearest! This is more than just a walk up the stairs. This is a walk through life that presents us with different colours and circumstances along the way. If we walk through the thick darkness and falter not, we will get to the light. And since we know that the destination is where the light is, time does not matter, so it melts. Distance dissolves and death decays for those who know the truth.

Life is a multicoloured staircase, each step we take is like climbing the stairs. That every Stair is a different colour signifies every situation or circumstance that we meet along the paths of life. We may not like every colour that comes our way in life, but God has put it there so that we may climb it, pass through it and thereby get closer to our destination, which is the light up there, at the end of the tunnel. Besides, each step has been built with a series of stone bricks, and often times, the stone which the builder rejects turns around to be the corner stone. So let us not reject a given situation, but embrace it. For God has put it there for us to learn from or step on in order to get to our destination.

Of course the title "Time Melts" is so to show man's victory over time. When time melts, the clock has no more power to rotate and measure itself because the seconds, minute and hour dials are molten and the clock becomes like a pool of water which no longer is able to count time but lays down in defeat. The time it takes to do things is no longer important to us if we know where we are going. It is the truth in things happening, not the time it takes to happen, that matters at the end of the day.

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