Ibiyinka Alao

All the Stars and Planets

Ca. 1996
18" x 24"

I Want you to get up
I Want you to come here
I Want you to be strong
Don't turn your back on me
Cause God knows
I want you to be the star
The star that you are
But in case your star does not shine anymore
Hold it back to the skies
The azure skies where it belongs
There the heavens can speak light unto it.

If you go away
As I know you must
So I may still see the Rainbow
I am gone looking for the sun to shine
I do not know the Sum of all destinations
But if you are going on this Summerday
You might as well take the subway
And take the Sun away to Eternity
But bring back the summer heat of the great Star
To the Earth where everything lives and dies
Within the confines of our Mortality.

All the Stars and all the Planets
Cannot compare with his Love
God made us
Then put his name in our Hearts
This makes our minds capable of anything
But how could my mind be capable of it all
When this hole in my heart keeps getting deeper
Deeper and deeper it leads nowhere
Nowhere is where the stars are
And since your Local Express is going
Take me back to the stars

There is a greater void I know, deep within my heart. When I look up at the night skies, I know that the universe is huge. But all the stars and all the planets cannot compare with their creator.

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