Ibiyinka Alao

Adura (Prayer)

Ca. 1997
8" x 7"

Prayer opens doors. It is when we pray that the celestial bodies are activated and happy to do their spiritual works. In this painting, praying is taken to be a process by which we may set the good forces of the Spirit on fire so that the purposes of God in our lives may be fulfilled.

Beginning from the landscape on the top of the picture which is a setting Sun surrounded by fire and hills on both sides, I had the intension of making it appear as a light with fire burning all around it. Below this, the sun becomes a hat with the person wearing it having two faces and praying. The hills also become heads of people wearing hats with the faces turning as we view from left to right. The white strapped faces in the background are the happy faces of angels ready to come to our aid when we pray.

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